Product and Projects

Mobil Steril Room

This is a portable and low cost mobile sterile room design and development project...


Thanks to Policapr, the concept of personal pharmacy will be improved...

Mechanical Brain Retractor

A retractor that facilitates less damage to the tissue and...

Omniport Cerebrale

Omniport surgery to facilitate surgery in neurosurgery...

About Us


In InnowayRG company we are designing innovative medical devices, treatment approaches, producing prototypes and performing neccessary validation studies by a multidisciplinary team of medical doctors, engineers and scientists. Company is based in İstanbul Aydın University Biocube İstanbul and established by Ayhan Olcay (Cardiologist), Serdar Baki Albayrak (Neurosurgeon), Vedat Öztürk (Mechanical Engineer), Onur Yolay (Biologist and Technology Transfer Specialist), Erdem Tezcan (Chemist, Molecular Biologist). Different scientific and private industry backgrounds of team members lead to paradigm changing solutions and product prototypes. InnowayRG is also cooperating in som eprojects with outside experts. Company members applied for multiple TUBITAK, KOSGEB, Horizon 2020 and EU projects. Working in health related field requires rigorous animal and human studies and we are continuously publishing our results in academic meetings and journals. InnowayRG is a start up company with multiple patents, prototypes and is aiming to become an international biotechnology company.


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