Transdisciplinary Approaches in Medical Innovation Symposium

You are invited to the Symposium on Transdisciplinary Approaches in Medical Innovation! InnowayRG Inc. The symposium, organized by Istanbul Aydın University Medical Students Association, will be held on 22 December 2018 at Istanbul Aydın University Florya Campus.

Time for Brain Surgery to Shorten

As InnowayRG, we report on the licensing of our retractable patent which does not damage the brain tissue, which shortens the operating business of İstanbul Aydın University (IAU). CLICK HERE FOR NEWS.

We have licensed our brain retinal retractor patent to GRAVITY Health Technologies with an appraisal of 3.2 million TL.

As InnowayRG, we have licensed the patent of the retractable retractor which shortens the operation times in cooperation with Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) to GRAVITY Health Technologies with a valuation of 3.2 million TL.

Our founders Dr. S. Baki Albayrak and Assoc. Dr. The duration of the brain surgeries will be shortened by the retractor which was developed by Ayhan Olcay and applied national and international patent applications by İAÜ TTPYO Intellectual Property Rights Management Unit. We would like to thank all Istanbul Aydın University and İAÜ TTPYO team and especially the Coordinator of Intellectual Property Rights Management Unit Onur Yolay for the process.

Future Medicine 2018 Seminar

Chairman of the Board of Directors Assoc. Dr. Ayhan Olcay gave a seminar on Future Medicine 2018, organized by TOBB ETU Health and Biomedical Sciences Society.